Nikon D3400 Quick Review



Quick Review :

  • Successor to its flagship model D3300
  • Competition with Canon 1300D
  • New features: Bluetooth, Higher battery capacity, Lighter than its successor (D3300)
  • MicroSD Card slot
  • Limited App Support for with smartphone (SnapBridge through Bluetooth but no Wifi connectivity)

Even though the camera has only small feature updates from its predecessor, Nikon D3300, the newly added features are the ones that were the biggest misses in that model. The addition of Bluetooth for transferring files has given the travelling photographer a way-out of carrying around their laptop for photo transfers.We agree that the most desired image transfer technology is Wi-Fi, having Bluetooth is at least better than not having anything at all.
It may still not make sense for someone to upgrade from a D3300 to a D3400, but if considering to buy a new DSLR, and if Nikon is your choice of brand, the Nikon D3400 is a superb budget buy for an entry level hobby photographer.

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